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Oddfella - Oddfella

Oddfella - Oddfella

Label : Ethereal Soundworks | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Demo

Wim S. : Last year Oddfella released the album 'AM / FM', an album filled with rather dark, instrumental post rock. I then tried to learn something more about the band but I did not get any further than a Facebook page with 20 likes. In December 2017 the band (apparently) also released a demo with six tracks, simply titled 'Oddfella EP'. Well, I just put the CD in my player: let us listen to it.

It does not take long before you hear a big difference with 'AM / FM' because there are vocals on this demo! That immediately gives the music a completely different vibe. Where I already noticed on the debut that it seemed as if they had forgotten to record the vocals, on these six songs the music sounds so smooth with vocal lines. The music is still quite dark and the tempo is quite low. The band sometimes chooses the path of rock / pop with a lot of melody ('Born Again') but also of more heavy music with heavy riffs ('Swimming Angels'). Every now and then some fine electronics are put into the music (an interlude of a minute) which serves as a kind of introduction for strong songs as 'Bridges', in which the band naturally links melody to atmosphere. I have just looked at their Facebook page and now they have 36 likes. And that sucks big time. There must be some (extra) promotion available for this band, otherwise they remain unknown to the big audiences. And that would be a shame because this is just a good band. Throw those songs on Spotify and make sure that people get to know you guys!

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