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Narnia - We Still Believe

Narnia - We Still Believe

Label : GMR Music Group | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : In 1996 the band Narnia was born, but first few steps took place a few years earlier in 1993. The band took an impressive journey that lasted until 2010. Due to internal issues the bandleader Grimmark thought it was wise to take a break with the band. This break lasted until 2014 when a few members of the band came together to discuss the possibility of a few live shows to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the album ‘Long Live The King’. This meant the resurrection of Narnia and brought us a band stronger than ever. In 2016 this resulted in a new album filled with so-called ‘white metal’ and a successful tour followed. This tour was that successful that a show in Brazil was recorded. These recording shows us a band very much alive playing in front of a loud and enthusiastic audience. The album is a statement that may fill the band members with proud. The album has a great sounds and gives a great impression of ‘An Evening With Narnia’.

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