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Humanity Delete / Carnal Garden - Anthems Of Doom – Lethal Onslaught

Humanity Delete / Carnal Garden - Anthems Of Doom – Lethal Onslaught

Label : Iron Blood & Death Corporation | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Split cd

Elisabeth : His love for death metal is endless, something Rogga Johansson can’t hide and I am glad that this month again I will be able to review yet another release of this over-productive artist. What would I do without his monthly releases? This time around we are treated with a split CD together with the Greek band Carnal Garden. First up are four songs from Rogga Johannson’s one-man project Humanity Delete, released under the title ‘Anthems of Doom’. Four typical Johansson compositions, short, fast and raw, and no frills, just kills. Pounding death metal with a groove here and there, crunching riffs and growling vocals. Entertaining music, yet after a while you get the feeling you’ve heard it all before, which is not really surprising after so many releases, isn’t it? Carnal Garden on the other hand, is new to me, but on their half of this split CD they manage to make an impression too. Just as pounding as Johannson, whereas the vocals are less prominent, but I really like the killer guitar solos and thick grooves. Yet it seems to me the band hasn’t fully matured and the compositions kind of fail to stay memorable. It wouldn’t damage the music if the band showed more character here.

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