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Black Majesty - Children Of The Abyss

Black Majesty - Children Of The Abyss

Label : Pride And Joy | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : Black Majesty is a name that has been a guarantee for quality power metal for over fifteen years. ‘Children of the Abyss’ is album number seven no less and once again, the fans should not be disappointed. This is yet another typical Black Majesty album, with all elements you can expect from this band. Beautiful theatrical keyboards, inventive guitar lines and the high and pretty vocals by John Cavaliere, who clearly attended the Michael Kiske singing school. Ten fine power metal anthems that excel in simplicity, and vary from lightning speed to ballad baroque. The album is varying all musical elements in a well-dosed way, so that the album does not get tedious. From the multi-layered vocals on ‘Dragons Unite’ we go to the inimitably fast title track and then to some Sabaton smashing on ‘Hideaway’. Some more depth is found on ‘War Greed’, while ‘Sanctified’ has the guitars more in the spotlight and is more a heavy metal track. ‘Reach Into The Darkness’ closes shop, and has mainly Helloween and Axenstar over it.

Though the album does not contain material that is ripe for legendary status or that is renewing in any way, this is an album that will definitely entertain the diehard power metal fanatics. It might not be an innovative album, it is also definitely not a recycled batch of thirty years of power metal clichés, and that is to be appreciated! The production is more than safe in Roland Grapow’s capable hands and also the artwork is breath-taking. Another solid product by these Australians, who can definitely be counted among the power metal veterans by now.

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