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Joe Bonamassa - Redemption

Joe Bonamassa - Redemption

Label : Mascot Records | Archive under bluesrock

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Look here, there he is again. Joe Bonamassa. The busy bee. Poor boy if you are a fan of this man and you want to buy everything that he releases. Where it should be noted that recently he especially released live albums, because his latest studio album 'Blues Of Desparation' dates back to 2016. And now he releases 'Redemption', his 13th studio album, recorded with a bunch of great musicians from the Nashville blues scene. And the production of the album was - again – in the hands of Kevin Shirley. And then you know it's okay. Other noteworthy things? No actually not. This is another proof of the untouchable status of the man.

Of course we read that the album is 'the most challenging this far' and Bonamassa himself says that 'Redemption' is the result of a period in his life in which pain predominates, but also acceptance and knowing that there is light on the horizon. Hence perhaps the title of this new CD. The album opens unequaled with 'Evil Mama' which contains a solo that makes you dizzy: good lord, he is really going bonkers here! The epic 'Molly O' cuts in nicely and is nicely supported by trumpets. We feel the pain of Bonamassa in the sensitive 'Self-Inflicted Wounds', in which he rises to great heights both vocally and with his guitar (!!). Is it all great? No. There are also some songs that are less appealing, such as the very boogie woogie-like 'King Bee Shakedown' and the boring 'Pick Up The Pieces'. I think the best song is the title track; strong song with nice structure, a Led Zeppelin-like riff in the middle part and a solo that is inhumanly great. And just listen to him screaming 'Save me'. Mighty beautiful. Or what about the confession in 'Stronger Now In Broken Places'; Bonamassa sounds more vulnerable than ever. Fantastic album from a gifted musician.

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