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Nachtfrost - Spectral Domains Of Dusk

Nachtfrost - Spectral Domains Of Dusk

Label : Lower Silesian Stronghold | Archive under black metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Koen S. : After two short demos in 2016, the Hellenic Nachtfrost now releases a thirty-seven minute EP with seven songs. Actually, Nachtfrost is the one-man band of Orthanc aka Lord Konrad, who took care for just about everything on the previous releases and for this album he also wrote all the music. This time he found the lead singer of Egelados willing to provide the vocals on 'Spectral Domains Or Dusk'. Orthanc does not deny his admiration for Jon Nödtveidt and Dissection and that is not only obvious in the introductory text of the CD, but also clearly audible in his music.

Nachtfrost plays melodic black metal with an atmospheric framework through some instrumentals, acoustic passages and the sporadic use of keyboards. The vocals by Necro are well intelligible and fit perfectly in this kind of black metal. I love the drum sound on this EP, but I would not be surprised if there were more opponents than supporters of this sound. The snare drum sounds a bit peculiar and there are as good as no cymbals to be heard, yet it has something I like and the drumming of the then guest musician Odysseas (now full time member) draws the attention because of his unorthodox playing style. My favorite track is the ten-minute epic 'Dismal'. Perhaps a bit more variety on the first full length would not hurt, but 'Spectral Domains Of Dusk' is all in all a fine black metal album. Panos Sounas is the artist that made the album cover and if you occasionally encounter an old record of Necromantia in your collection, you will see the similarities.

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