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Into The Cave - Insulters Of Jesus Christ

Into The Cave - Insulters Of Jesus Christ

Label : Iron Blood & Death Corporation | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen S. : Bestial, anti-Christian ‘we spit on the cross' black scorched lethal metal, in other words, your typical South-American old school black/death. The Brazilian band Into The Cave does on 'Insulters Of Jesus Christ' which for example Grave Desecrator did on 'Dust To Lust' or Proclamation on ‘Execration Of Cruel Bestiality', namely carving out the eyes of the Nazarene, pissing in his empty eye sockets and in the meantime molesting one or other instrument with horrifying ease.

With a new lineup around guitarist/front man Bitch Hünter, Into The Cave releases a second album after the euphonious 'Sex And Lust' from 2014. As with many bands in this genre the style of Into The Cave is largely based on the old thrash of Slayer, the heavy stuff from Sarcófago and the NWOBHM/speed of Venom. The songs are short and to the point without superfluous dead weight such as acoustic guitars, keyboards and other beatific knick-knacks. Straightforward, ultra-aggressive, filled with blasphemous lyrics, sick vocals and roaring drums. Not for the most sensitive souls or ears. The few breathing moments are taken by the squealing lead guitars and the black 'vomits' by A. Bestial Vomitor are perfectly suited for these barbaric hymns. With 'Massacre Bestial’ they also did a cover of one of the best-known songs from that other Brazilian powerhouse Flageladör. ‘Insulters Of Jesus Christ’ is a great no-nonsense record that will find its way to my player more than once after today.

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