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Supersuckers - Suck It

Supersuckers - Suck It

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Maybe just the albumcover can make me want to buy this album (on vinyl that is): this is once more a true masterpiece of (dis)tasteful fifties B-movie art work. Fortunately also the music is worth the purchase. Eddie and his companions have been around in this scene for quite some time now of course, and they know what they (have to) do. This new album is loaded with the well known mix of rock, punk and country influences in a way only this band can bring it. This one might even be more gritty and filthy than before’ and certainly compared with the mainly country influenced predecessor ‘Holdin’ The Bag’.

A very hoarse sounding Eddie introduces the up-tempo opener ‘All Of The Time’ with the words “We’ll do it live”, and makes this song come thundering in with the power and rough edges of the band in a live performance. This attitude I also witnessed during the last time I saw the band playing live; while they were playing Doornroosje, with probably about thirty people in the audience on a very quiet Sunday evening. The front man who just recovered from fighting cancer, led his band in a stage performance full of energy, as if they were playing a loaded venue with a few hundred or maybe even thousands of fans. This is kind of the same with the new album; this contains a maximum of devotion and eloquence, with thundering tracks like the Motorhead inspired ‘Til I Die’ and ‘Breaking My Balls’, the strong cover ‘Beerdrinkers & Hellraisers’, or completely derailed punk in ‘What’s Up With This MF Thing’, and the Pixies bass line of ‘Dead Inside’, working towards a very catchy tune. Also the more laid back songs like ‘Cold Wet Wind’ and ‘Worst Thing Ever’ can really grab me; which is not just because of the guitar contributions this time. To be honest, I had some doubts towards a trio with Marty Chandler as the only guitarist, but I have to admit; the album as a whole is simply a great piece of work (again).

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