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Negacy - Escape From Paradise

Negacy - Escape From Paradise

Label : Massacre | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Some albums are very strong and some albums are not very good, but there is an incredibly large collection of albums that fall somewhere in between. Not bad, not good, but okay. The same goes for the album 'Escape From Paradise' by Negacy, a band that has established itself in London since 2015 but finds its roots in various parts of the world (Italy/Spain/Brazil). This move happened just after the release of the debut album 'Flames Of Black Fire', although, under the name 'Red Warlock' an album was also released in 2010, named 'Serve Your Master'. Since 2015 the band has been actively writing new songs and have been touring frequently, among others they did a tour through China! Earlier this year the band signed with Massacre Record and though them the new album 'Escape From Paradise' is now being released.

Occasionally it amazes me which bands are often listened to, and aren’t listened to, especially in the progressive genre I often encounter excellent bands with very few fans or likes. But sometimes I also encounter bands that I feel are okay at best but have many more fans. I was also amazed at the number of likes Negacy has on Facebook! On the other hand, I have to be honest and say that heavy metal has always been more popular than progressive metal. Anyway, the band plays heavy metal with some power metal influences, compared to the previous album the music has become a little more melodic but you can take that with a pinch of salt. The more melodic sound of the album didn’t succeed very well, this is also due to the new singer Leonel Silva, whose voice often times sounds very forced. Other than that it’s musically fine, there is little to say about the guitars and drums, but the biggest problem is that the band can’t distinguish itself from the other bands in the genre. The songs are not special enough and, although the instruments sound good, they don’t do anything that other bands haven’t done before. The production of the album is heavily improved compared to 'Flames Of Black Fire', and also musically it might be slightly better, but it is not enough to turn the album into something that really excites me.

A typical album that neither good or bad, but just okay. 'Escape From Paradise' doesn’t impress me in any way. Even drummer Raphael Saini, who played at Iced Earth, couldn’t convince me. Unfortunately, I have to conclude that there are enough other bands out there that are simply better, or at least offer something more unique. A dime in a dozen.

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