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Furze - The Presence

Furze - The Presence

Label : Polytriad Fingerprints | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : The Norwegian act Furze is back with a new full-length of necrotic black metal. Their seventh album is called ‘The Presence…’ Furze specialises in playing simple black metal and selling it as something unique, uncompromising or even progressive. Main-man Woe J. Reaper sticks to playing cheesy Darkthrone riffs and combining it with some old-school Black Sabbath-licks. It all just comes across as an amateur garage-rehearsal during the late eighties by some disgruntled teens. The vocals are truly piss-poor with an atrocious gurgling effect. The playing itself is wooden at best and worst of all: it is either completely boring or annoyingly bad. So all in all ‘The Presence…’ is one of those albums that are truly devoid of redeeming qualities. Avoid it by all means.

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