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Horseman - Of Hope, Freedom And Future

Horseman - Of Hope, Freedom And Future

Label : Massacre | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : It has taken several years, predecessor 'Distortion Of Liberty' dates from 2011, but now this German band is finally back with their latest and third album 'Of Hope, Freedom And Future'. Nowhere would you ever suspect that Horseman comes from Germany by the way, because they sure are a match for their American genre kin. Modern thrash metal with heavy grooving undertones and many elements from hardcore and metalcore that make everything even more melodic and powerful. Sturdy and fast riffs, and an aggressive, raw and roaring singer who gives it a lot of extra character. His singing style ensures that you stay will stay focused the all the way. During the choruses the backing vocals provide some extra cachet. Just listen to a song like 'The Monsters I Feed' and then try to sit still. I mean, even a coroner can use this the break out a rigor mortis. Halfway the record there’s an intermission in which some child sings a German song, which in effect is the only reference to their home turf. Anyway, it is a nice introduction to the solid 'Teach Them To Question' with a few emotional vocal sequences interspersed with heavy riffs, to roll over and tear everything down in 'The Giant'. With Horsemen Massacre Records has signed a band that can go places.

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