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Rise In Chains - Insight Me

Rise In Chains - Insight Me

Label : STF Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Narrative, theatrical and grooving, that is what you read in the biography of Rise In Chains. The band plays a mix between timeless alternative rock and hard rock and doesn’t overcomplicate things. Just simple riffs where a melodic guitar solo is thrown in from time to time, with a bass guitar that sounds prominently throughout. It all seems a bit simple, but the band has worked it out quite nicely. Believe it or not, it sounds just very charming. Singer Jäff Rox has a soft, warm, narrative singing voice that never dominates, but which is also never boring. You can actually listen to it for hours. 'Insight Me' is their debut and lyrically the inspiration was sought in the horror genre, but rather the psychological aspect instead of lowering to all sorts of gore and splatter states. This is the ideal music to enjoy in the evening in a room lit only by the flames of a fireplace.

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