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R.A.I.V.A. - R.A.I.V.A.

R.A.I.V.A. - R.A.I.V.A.

Label : Ethereal Soundworks | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : The nomination for this month's most boring and predictable album goes to R.A.I.V.A. from Portugal. About the band itself, there is very little information around, besides the fact that this album was released in 2018 through Etheareal Sound Works. The vocals are rather raw with a tiny bit of anger sounding through it. Difference in pitch or some other variation is seldom heard. Maybe they are telling some exciting stories, but given the fact that they sing in their own native language it’s completely lost on me. You should not expect too much from this band musically too. Simple riffing, no tension whatsoever, all spread out through twelve songs over 53 boring minutes. There are better ways of wasting your time.

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