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Mass Disorder - Conflagration

Mass Disorder - Conflagration

Label : Ethereal Soundworks | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen W. : Four years after their self-released EP 'The Way To Our End', Mass Disorder now arrives with their debut 'Conflagration'. The band itself is from Portugal, but that doesn’t show at all, their sleek and modern thrash metal is of an international level. If I must compare it with something, than Sepultura in their prime with Max Cavalera would be an obvious choice.

Nothing was left to chance. The band technically acts on a high level and the record comes equipped with an excellent and modern production. Singer Bruno Evangelista has a firm roaring voice and sounds nice and aggressive. On the entire album a lot of samples. The main inspiration is the current state of the world and how bad it is. 'Violence' even starts with a historical German speech after which militaristic drums take over. No one should take any offense here because the song is an indictment of worldwide violence and war. In 'Vicious Circle', terrorism is the subject. In the long intro an Arabic lament was incorporated and the result sounds excellent. Yet another tip is the tightly played 'Death Vow'. The album itself takes just one hour. You could say that this is quite a long time for a thrash album. Closing track 'Illegal Ambition' however takes almost nineteen minutes, of which ten are from an outro. In short, Mass Disorder has released an excellent debut in which every fan of modern thrash metal can enjoy.

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