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Malthusian - Across Deaths

Malthusian - Across Deaths

Label : Dark Descent Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : In my reviews I never dissect music to its bare bones. I rather conclude if the music is great or not. Some background info is worthwhile too in my opinion. From that perspective I could almost copy the review I did on ’Below The Hengiform’.

Still, some things do differ on ‘Across Deaths’ opposed to that previous release. For instance, Malthusian this time didn’t record with Ola Ersjford. They now went to Ireland’s Hellfire Studio in 2017 to record with James Kelly. Kelly used to be in Altar Of Plagues together with Malthusian’s drummer Johnny King. The band wasn’t completely satisfied with the mix though. They sent a song to New-Zealand where Phil Kusabs (known from Vassafor) did a new mix. This was quite a difference. Because they felt the vocals could have been done better they re-recorded those with Shauny Cadogan (of the band Coscradh) engineering. Then Kusabs mixed the complete thing. That’s why the sound differs a bit compared to ‘Below The Hengiform’ and definitely from the demo ’MMXIII’. To me these are details because Malthusian still deliver dismal death metal with black and doom elements. The at times weird riffs still remind me of Immolation and Incantation. The layered compositions bring forth new surprises each time you hear them. The agonizing vocals by the three singers chill to the bone and complement each other really well.

This five-song formal full-length debut proves this Irish band is creeping to the top of the contemporary black/death scene. Of course you’ll hear common ground with other bands, but as a whole Malthusian do show an own face. I’m certain fans of bands like Grave Miasma or Antedilivian and Portal will dig this. ‘Across Deaths’ is released on both Dark Descent Records from the US as well as Invictus Productions from Ireland.

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