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Allfather - And All Will Be Desolation

Allfather - And All Will Be Desolation

Label : Rotting Throne Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Two years after ‘Bless The Earth With Fire’ England’s Allfather delivers ‘And All Will Be Desolation’. Like I started the review of that album at the time I can start this review in the same manner. “Please, people, can’t we stop with all those dime a dozen sludge bands? Sludge has reached the saturation point comparable to that of the over-crowded old school black metal and old school death metal and revivalist thrash metal markets, just to name three.” And also “It ticks all the right boxes but somehow doesn’t convince at all, since we have heard it all before.” Although I have to admit that the band shows more a sound of their own here. Which makes it go down a whole lot better. The sludge with the hardcore influences and some death metal influences does hit hard and does convince at times. Allfather has clearly grown. If the band manages to continue along this path something truly great might come our way some time.

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