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Sage - Anno Domini 1573

Sage - Anno Domini 1573

Label : Rockshots Music | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : The Croatian symphonic metal band Sage debuts with 'Anno Domini 1573'. The album was produced by former Kamelot and current Queensr├┐che drummer Casey Grillo, and mixed and mastered by Jim Morrison. It therefore sounds very good. The first three songs show genuine European heavy metal with the necessary theatrical passages. And it is the theatrics that is taken to far on the rest of the album in my humble opinion. Unfortunately, from 'Join Us' this is quite a disturbing factor because the exciting heavy metal of the first songs has disappeared. It is therefore, an album that falls apart in two seperate pieces. The excitement of 'Rivers Will Be Full Of Blood', 'Rebellion' and 'Dragon Heart' against songs like 'Battle' (very prosy) and 'Heaven Open Your Gates' where a, probably Croatian, choir takes the lead. Yet Sage is a band to keep an eye on. Those who love heavy metal with a lot of theater should listen to it and give it a fair chance.

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