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Betzefer - Entertain Your Force Of Habit

Betzefer - Entertain Your Force Of Habit

Label : Metalville | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : After the first time I listened to this album I was surprised to learn that Betzefer is a band from Israel: even though they have plenty of desert over there their latest and seventh (according to the band, who also count the EP's) record sounds as if it comes straight out of the blazing sands of Texas! The fact that the album was written and played at all can be considered a small miracle, because after the departure of original singer Avital Tamir, the band seriously considered calling it a day. Fortunately they carried on with Aharon Ragoza on vocals, and 'Entertain Your Force Of Habit' is the result!

Ragoza shows he is a more than worthy successor to the throne and his vocals rage all over the place for the entire album. That may sound somewhat like I'm talking about an unguided missile but that is not the case. What I mean to say is that his voice is right there and cannot be denied, and if I were to compare it to an object it would definitely be a bulldozer that doesn't scrape its shovel over the asphalt but crashes right through it, shoving the entire road right through your face. That in regards to the vocals. The music is also seriously awesome and there are a lot of styles that would fit what we are hearing here. I understand why the band itself prefers not to put any kind of label on their music. Scorching groove metal in the vein of Pantera comes quite close though, but Betzefer is not an imitation of that band, spitting out one solid song after the other, dealing in mean riffs and great soloing. The album passes by like a heavy freight train and before long you will find yourself at closing song 'The Last Song In The World', and conclude that Betzefer is a long way from being through. 'Entertain Your Force Of Habit' is the best thing they have released so far!

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