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Dream Patrol - Phantoms Of The Past

Dream Patrol - Phantoms Of The Past

Label : Mighty Music | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Henk : An international group this Dream Patrol, that releases their debut 'Phantoms Of The Past'. For fans of Whitesnake, Saxon and Alice Cooper according to the accompanying bio. To be honest, I do not think those comparisons are entirely true. Think of Warrant, early Bon Jovi and David Lee Roth solo work. Unfortunately, not yet on the same level. The title track opens the album very well and then there is hope for more. In this song that early Bon Jovi atmosphere as mentioned earlier. Guitarist Filip Koluš shows some nice riffs and a more than great solo. The band can really play and the production is fine. It is more in the quality of some of the songs on the rest of the album and the distinctive sound of singer Eli Prinsen. He sounds the whole album a bit forced with those constant long strokes that at some point are just too much. "Less is more" would be my advice.

Songs like 'Dream Patrol' and 'Piece Of Paradise', the latter of which is a more than fine AOR-track, show the potential. In contrast, there are songs like 'Lost Child' and 'Time Is A Healer' that go by without notice. A special mention deserves 'Tattooed Millionaire From Panama' which is a successful mash up between the Van Halen and Bruce Dickinson songs. This band can deliver a next album that rocks from start to finish. The closing 'Haunted Tower' proves that the quality is really there. For now a decent debut, unfortunately nothing more.

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