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Psykopath - Primal Instinct

Psykopath - Primal Instinct

Label : Loyal Blood Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Wim S. : Through three songs we can get acquainted with Psykopath, a Norwegian band consisting of five young musicians. Very young actually. The band surprises with three really heavy thrash songs that have a sound and structure that seamlessly fits the thrash from the Bay Area of the 90s.

None other than Flemming Rasmussen - indeed, the one that worked with Metallica - has mixed the three songs on this demo. And do we hear that? Well, actually we do not. But who cares, as long as you can put his name in your bio, of course. As said, three thrash songs that strongly remind of Testament, Exodus and others from the same area and period of time, with the understanding that the guitar parts of Psykopath are slightly less spectacular than those of aforementioned bands. It's mainly about nice riffs and about the aggressive attitude: the band has that attitude without a doubt. Especially 'Armageddon' is a strong track with a wonderful riff. The title track is the least song; too chaotic and just too much shouting from singer Ivan Taule. The latter convinces for the rest; this young guy can really roar. As far as I'm concerned, drummer Mats Hovden can use his double bass a bit more often, because he only uses them here in the first track, the nice and bright 'Lethal Introspect' that is built around a Death Angel-like riff. Fine MCD of a bunch of talented young dogs with potential.

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