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Monster Truck - True Rockers

Monster Truck - True Rockers

Label : Mascot Records | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Maybe the song itself and the title are too cliché for words, but still, the energetic, catchy ‘True Rockler’ is a great opening track to kick off the album. Actually the song reminds me of ‘Gotta Keep A Running’, by the Godz because of the “thundering speech”. Being compared to a band who produced classics as ’ Under The Table’ and by far the best version of ‘Candy’s Going Bad’ by Golden Earring, can be seen as a compliment of course. Most songs on this album have that “where do I know this from?” element, both in arrangements and very familiar sounding melodies and lyrics, which make you want to sing along. The mix of seventies keyboard rock, bombastic eighties sleaze, and harmonica accompanied southern rock is never original but always very well performed. Just one true point of criticism; the scarcely available use of guitar solos. On the previous album ‘Sittin’ Heavy’ we were treated to some great guitar solos by Jeremy Widerman, but with this new album ‘True Rockers’ it’s more of an additional round of riffing, or an extra chorus. Beside this minor point, this is a very pleasant sounding and well performed piece of work.

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