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Grisly - The Spectral Wars

Grisly - The Spectral Wars

Label : Xtreem Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Grisly's debut album is a fact and it is called 'The Spectral Wars'. A promising title with some very nasty and attractive artwork. Grisly is the latest project of singer/guitarist Rogga Johansson, bass player Dennis Blomberg and drummer Henke Lundgren and its main reason of existence is keeping the rotten flame of death metal burning. And that is exactly what is happening on this album.

The intro of 'Consumed From Beneath' has an eerie touch to it and it sounds a little bit like the song 'Slowly We Rot', before it bursts into the merciless death metal salvo that follows and does not stop until the very last notes of this album have been played. The first song is just the appetizer though, because before we reach the ten second mark on 'Rot To The Living' we are already engulfed by a very welcome whirlwind of even faster guitars to which the bass and drums add a very handsome vibe. Johansson's distinct vocals complete the sound. Born from the band Paganizer it is not surprising that Grisly sounds very familiar at times. Even though each of the songs has something that sets it apart, this music cannot be labeled as innovative. The gritty, sometimes thrashy sound that this band spews forth is very nice on the ears and it makes plenty of use, both musically as textually, of the stereotypes that infuse this genre. And although a certain rancid, cut-to-the-bone, bizarre scariness is lacking: it works. The final track is the titlesong and this was the only valid choice because this is the only song that, with its grand and epic feel, clearly sounds different from the other songs and it leaves us with a sense of variety and a thirst for more.

If you are looking for complicated and/or groundbreaking metal, 'The Spectral Wars' probably isn't that interesting, but if you are in for a solid bit of infectious, melodic but serious death metal, then this is the one for you.

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