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Siege Of Power - Warning Blast

Siege Of Power - Warning Blast

Label : Metal Blade | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Pim B. : Around 2013 Asphyx members Bob Bagchus and Paul Baayens got the idea to start a crossover project. Fed by hatred against the Dutch social climate First Class Elite was born. On bass they recruited Asphyx vocalist Martin van Drunen and on vocals they enlisted Hans van den Brenk. Inspired by the music of bands such as SOD, Carnivore, Discharge and Amebix they started writing songs. Five of those songs were even released by Horror Pain Gore Death productions as a split release with Violation Wound and Dirty Mike & The Boys. But when singer Hans decided to quite First Class Elite was put on ice.

Especially Paul was bothered by that as he had written quite a few songs and his head was filled with plenty more ideas. In 2017 he called Bob and plans to bring back the band were made. Of course they needed a new name, which was found through the Napalm Death song Siege Of Power. For the bass parts they found a suitable candidate in Theo van Eekelen (ex-Hail Of Bullets amongst others). On vocals a certain Chris Reifert (Autopsy, Violation Wound) was found. This line-up recorded nineteen songs in total, although they did record two different versions of the song ‘Mushroom Cloud Altar’. So, the album ‘Warning Blast’ contains eighteen tracks and the two extra tracks appeared on the first single ‘The Cold Room’. The limited digipack edition contain these songs as bonus tracks as well.

‘Warning Blast’ sounds spontaneous. The band didn’t give the songs too much thought when they composed them, which has its effect. It all sounds uncomplicated and pounds away in a good manner. You definitely can hear the aforementioned influences. For instance, the first riff of album opener ‘Conquest For What?’ reminds of SOD. That doesn’t mean Siege Of Power sounds unoriginal. Sure, the influences are noticeable but the band has enough input of their own. You can hear plenty of death and doom. The vocals of Chris Reifert, who knows how to deal with punk, add that extra bit of originality. Don’t expect an album that will shock the world, but a solid crossover album that brings you the best in hardcore, punk and metal with a vicious complaint against a rotten world.

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