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Orphan Skin Diseases - Dreamy Reflections

Orphan Skin Diseases - Dreamy Reflections

Label : Logic(il)logic | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Italian band that debuts with 71 minutes of music, rather rock than metal, although quite heavy guitars pop up now and then. The general impression though, is rather alternative rock, songs built around a catchy chorus, with an extended (and important) role for singer Gabriele Di Caro. Yet it was drummer Massimiliano Becagli who founded the band in 2015. He is known (in Italy) from the band No Remorse. The other members are no beginners either, they all have other bands, thus we cannot complain about their technical skills.

‘Dreamy Reflections’ kicks off with two quite heavy songs, ‘Into A Sick Mind’ and ‘Flyin’ Soul’ for which they shot a video, but in ‘The Storm’ they have already a softer approach. The riffs are chunky in ‘Rapriest’, de vocoder vocals are a matter of taste, but it includes a fine guitar solo. But in the next songs it starts to leap to the eye that not all tracks are as good as the start. More than once I expected the ending of a song, but then it started anew with too much of the same chorus or some flaws in the flow. Most of the songs are five or six minutes long and with this pop-rock approach it results in too much iterations or repeating the chorus. The last three songs are a unity under the moniker ‘Just One More Day’ and the second part of seven minutes has – typical the Italian way – quite pathetic vocals. Well, not bad at all, but not exceptional either.

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