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Devil's Bargain - Deal With The Devil

Devil's Bargain - Deal With The Devil

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Devil's Bargain is a band from Belgium who play heavy rock and who have asked Lords Of Metal if we would like to review their self-financed album 'Deal With The Devil'. And since our chief-editor has a good heart, the CD is now laying in front of me. At least the jewel case is, because the CD is in my CD player. And I listen to the music right now.

Actually, I want to leave it at that, but that would be a bit too short, right? That, in my opinion, is not entirely fair. Because the five Belgians do their best. But what can I say about this? The music sounds incredibly dated and the production is of a level that you often hear with albums that are self-financed. They do not sound very bad but certainly not good: let's say it sounds a bit dull and that is an understatement, especially as far as the drums are concerned. The members of Devil's Bargain are guys who are fond of the hardrock of the seventies and eighties and who now give their own twist to that type of music. And they do so, but it's just not good enough. The songs are (too) simple and are performed just as simple. Note: they are not played badly but you do not hear anything that really catches you. Best song is 'All For You' because it is still pretty well put together, including a reasonable guitar solo. But songs like the title track and 'Burning Bridges' are from the 'rehearsal room' level. That is interesting for family and acquaintances but not material to share with the world. And I leave it at that.

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