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Kingcrow - The Persistence

Kingcrow - The Persistence

Label : Sensory | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Not only DGM has always caught our attention in the Italian metal scène, also Kingcrow, hailing from Rome just like the nineties pioneers Novembre, settled in our mind right after the turn of the century with albums such as ‘Insider’ (2003) and ‘Timetropia’ (2006). We followed the band during its ‘life trilogy’, we had a beer together at ProgPower 2011. Thus we have a bond with the band. That will always be, but it will never influence our objective perception. Yet this band is really exceptional and we’d like to ask your full attention again!

Three years ago ’Eidos’ came out and since then the band did not rest on its laurels. They did a European tour with Votum in 2016, next the brothers Cafolla focused themselves on writing new material. Late 2017 they faced a line-up change on bass. Francesco D’Errico left and Riccardo Nifosi joined the band. With that line-up ‘The Persistence’ was recorded at their own Sound Under Pressure Studios by the Cafolla brothers and just like on predecessor ‘Eidos’, the mix was in the hands of Giampiero Ulacco and Devilnax Photoart got instructions to create suitable artwork.

As time went by, the metallic foundation of Kingcrow got more and more a progressive tinge and nowadays one can consider them as one of the most recommended bands in that genre. After the ‘life trilogy’ – more precisely ‘Phlegethon’, ‘In Crescendo’ and ‘Eidos’ – it was time for something new. Main composer Diego Cafolla wrote down his ideas in total artistic freedom, with the first two songs for ‘The Persistence’ as result. ‘Everything Goes’ and Devil’s Got A Picture’ are not free of ambient influences, but the Italians do this to a turn as well. Those songs were the blueprint of a genuine, more introvert and deep-draught work, still including any reminiscence with Riverside, Steven Wilson and Dream Theater. Yet we can state that the Italian band rivals their models in the meantime, since the fragile sensitive moments, the vocals of Diego Marchesi (and his captivating lyrics) and the instrumental brilliance with virtuoso guitar skills of Cafolla, are by now so magnificent that we keep on listening in awe. Soon the band will go on tour with Pain Of Salvation and Daniel Gildenlöw did an amazing vocal contribution to the song ‘Night’s Decending’.

If you pretend being a true progressive metal/rock fan, then you should have all the Kingcrow albums in your collection. However, starting with the stunner ‘The Persistence’ is also an option. Those who purchase the vinyl edition, will get three bonus tracks, recorded live at ProgPower USA 2012 and in 2015 they released the DVD ‘Live In Atlanta’ from that gig.

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