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Kilmara - Across The Realm Of Time

Kilmara - Across The Realm Of Time

Label : Rock Of Angels Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : There are more bands that claim that their next album is a huge step forwards. It is what Kilmare also does, but they definitely made some distinctive changes in their line-up to prove it. The changed a guitar player but more surprising is that they have changed their vocalist. If something has a clear impact on the sound it is the vocalist. Dani Ponce was flown in from the States to take his stand behind the microphone. He has a completely different sound in comparison to the previous singer so the band does take a risk here. He has a more smooth sound. Take this element and the fact that Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween) is responsible for the recording, production and mixing of the album and you might do an assumption towards the music. Nice power metal and because of the production the sound is good and well balanced. But that is not good enough. The sounds all have the same defect in my opinion. The vocal lines need a lot more attention. Dani is a good singer with a nice sound but the vocal lines and the way Dani is singing them gives me the feel that I am listening to the same song over and over. That is a shame because the songs are very well written.

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