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Dark Millennium - Where Oceans Collide

Dark Millennium - Where Oceans Collide

Label : Massacre | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Also with Dark Millennium, the box of Pandora is opened again. In the nineties they released two albums, nowadays they are considered as cult classics. Then they disappeared in the mist of oblivion. However, in 2016 they returned with a strong album ’Midnight In The Void’ and now, two years later there is already a successor, entitled ‘Where Oceans Collide’ and this time released by Massacre Records.

Dark Millennium has always been a band who’s thinking out of the box. Their dark progressive metal surely has any gothic tinges from the nineties, their songs brim with technical advanced structures. With excellent guitar ornaments of Hilton Theissen (also producer) and Michael Burmann. The German band gets even more unique with the hoarse, somewhat laborious theatrical vocals of Christian Mertens. On ‘Where Oceans Collide’ he once again does an ultimate intense performance. The dark doom-laden riffs and these gravel-throated vocals lead us with ‘Vampire’s Empire’ into this new world of Dark Millennium. ‘Lovers Die’ (chosen as first video) rocks in a smooth gothic manner and it is striking modern, even with any –core influences in vocals. This catchiness is not always present in every song. Most of the time the compositions of these Germans are intricate and unpredictable. In these new songs we really enjoy unexpected acoustic passages and spoken word parts (‘Insubstantial’), desperate serenades (‘Nights, Eternal’) or an addition of classical piano and wealthy symphonic layers (‘Flesh Is Weak’). ‘Disease Decease’ has a rather catchy chorus, but to occlude, the band really goes all the way in their earlier mentioned symphonic multilayered bliss during the nearly twelve minutes long ‘Across Oceans Of Souls’ which recycles melodies we heard before on the album in another arrangement. Just like we occluded with the predecessor, Dark Millennium happens to be an outfit hard to compare with another band. The theatrical element is present, progressive twists and turns as well, but now and then they flirt with all kinds of different elements. The fans can look forward to a challenging, multilayered musical journey, one that needs several spins to fathom.

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