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Druknroll - Unbalanced

Druknroll - Unbalanced

Label : Metal Scrap Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Druknroll is a Russian band that bears the name of the bandleader, also called Druknroll. A bit of a weird name perhaps, but this will probably be a pseudonym, just like that of other band member Horror. The band already released about four albums with metal that is based on numerous influences. Until now I was not really charmed by the albums (partly due to the mediocre vocals of Horror at the time), but with this new album 'Unbalanced' they have made a good step forward, also in the vocal area. In my opinion, the amount of influences is still too large, making it sometimes a complex album but there is clearly a greater sense of structure. New to me are the more progressive sounds, such as the added piano in opener 'Hundred'. This is also the least heavy song on the album, because after this the song the amount of decibels per song increases considerably. Everything stays within certain song structures and that makes songs like 'On The Hook' and 'The Heroes Of The War' very nice to listen to. If you are not afraid of a band that incorporates a lot of influences into their songs (and are immediately labeled as progressive by the record company), then you should definitely give Druknroll a chance, because as they produce more albums, they become better and better.

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