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Green Carnation - Last Day Of Darkness

Green Carnation - Last Day Of Darkness

Label : Prophecy Productions | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Vera : ‘Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness’ from Green Carnation was – without any doubt – my album number one from the year 2001 and actually it is in the top 3 from my best songs (and albums) ever. The Norwegian band – engendered from and a sequel on In The Woods – crafted an unequaled masterpiece with a composition of sixty (!) minutes long. It might have a progressive nature, yet it unties all kinds of genres. The music and lyrics were written by the – at that time – tormented Tchort and it is an eruption of deep-draught emotions. Feelings related to the moment when he was balancing between the mourning for his first born daughter and the joy for the birth of his son. Only later he formed a proper band around him. Under the moniker Green Carnation they released two more excellent albums, more precisely ‘A Blessing In Disguise’ and ’The Quiet Offspring’. Gigs at ProgPower 2003 and 2005 are still cherished by me, even though only a part of the mammoth composition was played. We were already flabbergasted and experienced unforgettable moments. Unfortunately 2007 brought us the end of the band.

In 2014 we heard the good news that the Norwegians would start playing live again. In 2016 a tour was announced – well… at least a couple of gigs – where they should play ‘Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness’ integrally. For many of us it resulted in sitting in the couch with reveries and yearning. Until now! Prophecy Productions releases the concert from Green Carnation they played in their home town Kristiansand at the end of the tour now on DVD, CD and vinyl. To finance the whole project a crowdfunding campaign was started and it happened to be quite rightly that this production has top notch class qua sound, visual attractions and presentation. The visual aspect really gives a surplus value to this classic composition!

The DVD offers us the full concert (60 minutes) and a documentary of 35 minutes length in which the moving birth of the song is explained by Terje Vik Schei (Tchort). You see footage from the preparation and the first rehearsals for these gigs, since the multilayered creation had to be transformed into an epic able to play live as a fluent tour de force. It is a pleasure to watch the documentary. It includes footage from the other gigs, backstage and amongst the fans (for instance at Roadburn) as well. But of course the live performance from THE SONG is the main feature of this release. It really gives us goose-bumps from start to finish. The sacral beginning shows a theatre with seated audience, the band enters the stage one by one and cautiously they build up tension towards the first crescendo including any ferocious growls. The performance from Kjetil Nordhus is solemn and momentous. The musicians are playing straight from the heart. There are so much nuances, twists and turns, fragility… but also power in the music, which makes it impossible to fathom this in words. The soaring keyboards, the howling, emotive guitar solos (some of them with E-bow), the smooth rocking passages, the introvert moments… everything is ART. It is interesting how they changed the mid section into an exciting improvisation: firstly with an acoustic intermezzo with Krumins on bouzouki, followed by talk-box sounds done by keyboardist Endre Kirkesola (who also produced this album), and after that they always return to familiar themes of the song. More than once I realized that this song gives me the same kick as for instance ‘Echoes’ of Pink Floyd. There are some similar elements in the approach, build up movements and atmosphere which are in conjunction with this giant older legendary band. Now we end our plea, because you just have to experience this, be led away by the complete musical journey, a highlight in sound and emotions. Just like Tchort himself states: ‘Light Of Day, Day Of Darkness’ is emotions put on music. This goes down in history as one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever made! And this live rendition includes a couple of fine surprises, making it even more captivating. ‘Last Day Of Darkness’ is a MUST HAVE!

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