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Lelahell - Alif

Lelahell - Alif

Label : Metal Age Productions | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : About six years ago, Lelahell released their demo ‘Al Intihar’. They followed this up with ‘Al Insane… The (Re)Birth Of Abderrahmane’ in 2014, their First full-length, released through Horror Pain Gore Death records. And now, there is ‘Alif’.

To jump straight to the conclusion: ‘Alif’ is by far their strongest release to date. Driven, intense, varied, brutal, fast. Speedy, technical death filled with blastbeats, strong hooks, melodies and varied vocals, with a hint of folky influences thrown in every now and then. The latter mainly in the scales, but in the rhythms as well. The usage of both English, French and Arabic is also still there, which, due to the different articulation, makes for a stand out feature.

As they did on the predecessors, the band use some influences from across the extreme metal board, but the album mainly is a fast paced brutal death record. Yet, I do hear some Melechesh and even (late) Immortal influences besides the brutal-yet-catchy death metal. Getting drummer Hannes Grossmann (ex Necrophagist, ex Obscura, nowadays among others Hate Eternal, Triptykon) also boosts the overall quality. The mix by the Wiesławski brothers (who have been mixing things up for Hate, Decapitated, Vader a.o.) finishes ‘Alif’: the mix is tight, full and yet rather open. Warm and oldschool meets modern and tense. In fact, pretty much like Lelahell’s music. Damn decent release!

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