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Winter's Edge - The Guardians Of Our Time part 1

Winter's Edge - The Guardians Of Our Time part 1

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

William Pezy : Sometimes things just get a bit out of hand. We know Jeremy Lawler form bands like Signed By None and Aggrothesis and he wanted to write some solo material in 2009. With the help of some guest musicians he managed to create an entire album of solo music. Now in 2018 the project has become an actual band that is about to release its third album. It is an album that shows the new direction the band has taken a few years ago. It has a far more progressive character. The concept album follows the stories of the first two albums about ‘The Ferryman’. The fact that the title of the album ends with ‘part 1’ might suggest that part 2 is on its way. It is an album with nice progmetal that is easy to enter and where especially singer Charlotte is distinctive with her beautiful voice. There are moments whereas I would expect her in an 80’s pop/rock band like Heart. But that just is one of the main elements why this album is really nice. Charlotte brings balance among all creativity. Well done!

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