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Insignium - Infamie Und Urgewalt – Wenn Altes Sich Erhebt

Insignium - Infamie Und Urgewalt – Wenn Altes Sich Erhebt

Label : Apostasy Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jori : They really exist! Bands that release less music than Guns N' Roses and Manowar. The German black metal quartet Insignium was formed in 1996, the debut album was released in 2004 and now, fourteen years later, the follow-up to this debut is finished. Good things come to those who wait? We’ll see. For me, never having heard the almost ancient debut album, it’s an open mind that goes in.

The simple though catchy black metal with a thrash influence here and there is enjoyable, or is it thrash with darker black leanings? ‘Nach Dem Krieg’ knows its good moments, and ‘Den Mahren zum Frasse’ even opens with an Iron Maiden-like riff after which is melts to a fine and real black metal track. Alas, the band does not manage to blow me over anywhere. The walls of sound that give black metal their overpowering force are not to be gotten from this band. For this reason, the cd gets a bit tedious during the longer songs especially. An album that is good to put on once or twice. No material to get addicted to, but definitely no material to make anyone vomit.

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