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Depths Of Kronos - From The Void

Depths Of Kronos - From The Void

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : The Tilburg band Depths Of Kronos delivers their second EP with 'From The Void'. It is a hard and clear statement from the band that they should certainly be taken seriously. The six songs are classic death metal, with here and there some deviant influences, so they try to give it a sound of their own. The first two songs 'Humanity's Flatline' and 'Heirs Of Darkness' are immediately a nice and heavy confrontation with the band. I understand that the band used to make more melodic death metal, but now clearly has made a turnaround towards more classic death metal, with some added melody here and there. In the aforementioned songs, however, the emphasis is on heavy riffs and a heavy grunt and regarding the latter, new vocalist Tijn is taking his job very seriously. 'Blind World' sounds like a heavier version of Machine Head and the melody comes back in 'Corrupted Campaign'. This 'From The Void' is a strong EP from again a talented Dutch band and the band just deserves the opportunity to record a full album and then go on tour with a fitting package.

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