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Archemoron - Year Of The Harvester

Archemoron - Year Of The Harvester

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Archemoron has been around for almost twenty years, founded in 1999 which means they will around for two decades next year. Starting out as Ancestor they might cheating a little bit because if you change your band name the counting starts over again, I guess, but okay. The band started as thrash metal / death metal aficionados, but have adapted their sound over the years so that you can now easily hear all bands and genres of the past twenty years, with the emphasis now on black metal.

On 'Year Of The Harvester', an album that lasts an hour and twenty minutes and is divided over two discs, you can hear black metal, thrash metal and traditional heavy metal and you can easily add a few genres to the list. Is that also a bit annoying? No, not at all, because the songs are written so smoothly that the various styles easily blend into each other. That it is not all easy to digest, is due to the length of a few songs that can go up to eleven minutes. So take your time or divide your attention, because although the songs never get boring or stale, it is a long session. Full of blast beats, breaks, flashy solos and unexpected melodies, this has become an album that can be appreciated by many fans of metal. A song like 'Clash Of Denial' is so full of riffs and breaks and such that you are completely demolished at the end but you do have a completely satisfied feeling. A good build-up is essential for these kind of long songs and in all cases it is done beautifully so you can only applaude the band who have recorded and released this album all by themselves and thus also have the powerful task of marketing this album. That it is not easy to pitch, given the abundance of influences, is clear. But artistically this has turned out to be a career defining album, no doubt in my mind.

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