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Vor - Depradavor

Vor - Depradavor

Label : Third I Rex | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Vor hails from Spain and is a bass and drum duo. When listening to ‘Depravador’ you sure as hell don’t notice it is just a drum and bass duo. Best way to describe them is as noise terrorists who are deeply rooted in sludge. The sludge harbours doom, quite a bit of noise, even some punk and of course some hardcore. The seven songs that are delivered in some 52 minutes are quite trippy, they grind and bite and are abrasive, totally not commonplace, super heavy and would like to immerse the listener in brimstone and treacle and glowing hot tar. So, it is nasty trippy music, stuff of nightmares. Certainly no hippy loving flowery shenanigans. Absolutely recommended to fans of bands such as The Body and Today Is The Day and also to those of Grief and Melvins.

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