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Tornado - Commitment To Excellence

Tornado - Commitment To Excellence

Label : Extreme Metal Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The band Tornado from Finland, which was founded in 2010 in Amsterdam, with as vocalist the American tour manager Superstar Joey Severance as the axis of the band, is up to its third effort. And if you had to re-read the last sentence more than once, my goal is met. And on this third record, the guys don’t act on their own. There are guest appearances from a very wide variety of guests, knowingly Karl Sander (Nile), Glen Drover (solo, ex Megadeth, ex King Diamond, ex Queensrÿche), Ross Dolan (Immolation) and Adam Phillips (Pro Pain) on guitar, each on his own song, as well as guest singer Niko Kalliojärvi (ex-Amoral). The band set itself a number of goals, which is summed up by the wish to make thrash metal with songs that stick with you and that resound the glam roots in it. No, all I have to do is check if they succeeded in that.


The band kind of awkwardly moves in between old-school and experimental. As if the guitarists are bummed out that they can’t show more of their prowess. And they also hang in between hardcore thrash and bolder glam metal. With doing so, the vocals applied are too weak and although they do sound nostalgic, I doubt it would have impressed me at the time it refers to, let alone that now, with the knowledge of all that has been, I can give any benefit of the doubt. He sounds like Oderus Urungus who holds down. Oh and just let Slayer play Slayer riffs. Put on top of that the fact that production isn’t particularly modern either, which does contribute to the intentions of the band, but at the same time I must say that there have been way too many bands doing the same trick with contemporary means to let them work on my soft spots by using these older recording means.

I am quite impressed by the guitars, particularly that of the guest musicians, but the core of the band knows how to deal with their job too. And another thing that pleases me a lot, is that I can hear the words that are being sung. All of them are very well articulated. Apart from the incidental grunts. But when you want to show different styles that are not necessarily complementary, and you don’t grow into this organically as a band, there is always a risk you do both of them only half. And unfortunately, that is what is the case here. But ok, I get the intentions and appreciate their course, out of the ordinary. So let me end by saying that I have no doubt that if you do surrender to the music, learn the words a bit, and just go with it, you have one hell of a night when this band comes to town.

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