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I'll Be Damned - Road To Disorder

I'll Be Damned - Road To Disorder

Label : Drakkar Entertainment | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim R. : Scandinavia is well known for the amount of talented bands that play rock or metal. And Denmark certainly has some of these bands. With bands like Volbeat being a prime inspiration for bands, in this case ‘I’ll Be Damned’ from Aarhus. But, it is clear to me the band is also inspired by Soundgarden, when listening to ‘Road To Disorder’, the second album for the Danes. I’ll Be Damned plays modern rock. These five guys have produced a versatile album. One moment furious (Stephen Hawking Talking’ or the really cool ‘Flag Follows The Money’), sometimes with some Rock & Roll influences (‘You Are The Young’) or doomy and heavy with growling vocals ((‘The Entire Universe’ and ‘Pigburner’). This album was very well produced by Tue Madsen, resulting in a crystal clear and really heavy sound. Most prominent factor on the album must be lead vocalist Stig Gamborg. The man gives us a tour of the vocal spectrum. One time he sings clean in ‘Luck Could Change’, but is also capable of producing powerful low and grunting vocals in the already mentioned ‘Pigburner’ that will strip you wallpaper right off. Talented boy, that Stig. Musically the band is very competent, the instruments serve the song. No widdly diddly here. Worth checking out!

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