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Rogga Johanssons Eye Of Purgatory - The Rotting Enigma

Rogga Johanssons Eye Of Purgatory - The Rotting Enigma

Label : Scrap Metal Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Elisabeth : By now I am forced to maintain two different CD racks: one for all CDs from A to Z, the other one for all CDs that have something to do with Rogga Johannson. This is of course a joke, but the idea is not that absurd, because it truly is amazing how much material this gentleman has put out in last couple of years, and I believe all these releases have ended up in my bin in recent months. Luckily I am not fed up yet with it, for Mr. Johansson is an exceptionally talented man, and his latest hatching under the name Eye Of Purgatory and the first longplayer ‘The Rotting Enigma’ is good stuff as well. This time around however if find it difficult to put just one label on it. It is extreme, of course, but less brutal then his other releases. Of course there is a lot of death metal in it, I don’t think that Rogga could be able to do it without it, but somewhere it even touches the black metal side, it is colder and darker than much of his other music. At the same time it also has a slight melodic death metal edge, which adds the necessary variation in my just mentioned CD rack labelled “Johansson". I would certainly like to hear more from this.

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