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Moonspell - Lisboa Under The Spell

Moonspell - Lisboa Under The Spell

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : It has been ten years since the previous (and only) live registration of Moonspell was released, entitled ‘Lusitanian Metal’. Thus it was about high time that Portugal’s most popular metal band was eternalized again in a live situation and preserved for posterity. This time they decided to film it close to their home ground: at the Campo Pequeno Arena in their home town Lisbon on the fourth of February 2017. It turned into a legendary evening with entire performances from three of their albums for a sold out venue (4000 fans). They also give us views behind the scenes (half an hour documentary), spread over the DVD (of course you can purchase this on blu-ray, 3CDs or vinyl as well). Three hours sound and vision of this sympathetic, yet amazing band easily made me screen-ridden for a long time and I enjoyed it to the max.

The visual experience kicks off with the docu part: they film private moments, the preparation for this titan event and funny things in a crisscross manner. The shots are a bit too hectic, but well… it is amusing to look at. Then follows the integral execution of ‘Wolfheart’. We gradually notice that it still remains a top-notch album and for most of us it was the first encounter with the band, an introduction to their international fame. The lightshow is rather dark and gloomy, the atmosphere is occult, yet heartfelt, with a band and an audience that are having a great time, full of respect and thankfulness. Two female background singers are adding any operatic chants when needed and they are wealthy dressed. Naturally it is most of all vocalist Fernando Ribeiro and the enthusiastic band that fascinates us. A homegrown audience in awe adds a special charm to it. With low-ranged warm voice and his rougher variant, Ribeiro acts as a natural born entertainer. Some songs are in Portuguese language and ‘Vampiria’ and ‘Alma Mater’ make the crowd wild as chart busters.

The second act happens to be a full performance of the album ‘Irreligious’. No need to say that this is the magnum opus of the band with loads of classics. The audience is really going crazy. During ‘Raven Claws’ female singer Mariangela Demurtas joins Fernando with juicy vocals and it is nice to rediscover a song like ‘A Poisoned Gift’ in between top hits such as ‘Opium’, ‘Ruin & Misery’, Mephisto’, ‘Herr Spiegelmann’ and the mighty ‘Fullmoon Madness’ (introduced as a very important song by Fernando). This is the ultimate apotheosis. Act three is dedicated to the full performance of a quite recent album ‘Extinct’. Now the guys are wearing pitch-black make up and sun glasses on stage and the band smoothly works itself through the gothic tinged, yet somewhat less known material. The album tells about the extinction of mankind and thus it is logical that the atmosphere remains dark and grim. During the title track Caroline Torres threatens the guys with a sword and ‘A Dying Breed’ and ‘The Future Is Dark’ are depressive, yet captivating tracks to round off this part of this epoch-making show. We get more bonus material with the making of this release and video clips, it occludes this worthy document of a unique band that manages to combine extreme metal, gothic catchiness and Mediterranean culture in fetching compositions in a way nobody can or does. Consequently it happens to be a must have document for every fan and for all genuine lovers of fantastic music!

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