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Hold The Crown - Hold The Crown

Hold The Crown - Hold The Crown

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Hold The Crown is a band from West-Flanders / Belgium that recently self-released a self-titled CD / (white) vinyl album. The guys in the band come from the legendary “hate thousand” or “H8000” scene. Those who are familiar with that particular scene might know what to expect here. Those who don’t have to read further. Hold The Crown was founded in 2013 and consists of Tim (vocals), Thomas (drums), Jorgen (bass) and David (guitars) and I suppose this is their debut full-length. Unfortunately I don’t know where to buy HTC-stuff but do check their Facebook page to find out.

I’ve been listening to the ‘Hold The Crown’ CD quite a few times the past days and it gets better and better if you ask me. This is straight into your face NYC hardcore that I adore immensely. Influences from all the great bands from New York City are just around the corner, but HTC aren’t just copy-catting but are redefining the well-trodden paths. The fact that Xavier Carrion (Channel Zero, Sons of Jonathas) was hired to accompany the band during the recordings says something about the ambitions Hold The Crown has. Recommended!

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