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The Outside - We Feel Through The Dead

The Outside - We Feel Through The Dead

Label : Saol Music | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wilco : On the day that a whole freeway collapsed in Italy and dozens of people have died, everything is put in perspective again. For example, I do not have to nag about the fact I got another mediocre thrash album to review. Some things are more important.

The members of this band, The Outside, reside in Germany, but come from many more countries: Germany, Turkey, Chile and Israel. This is the third album of this international band. I did not listen to the previous two, but the reviews can also be found on this site. However, my opinion differs from the one my colleague had at the time. Not in terms of score, but in terms of experience. My colleague heard a cross-pollination between melo-thrash and prog with a descent singer. Honestly, I cannot come to the same conclusion. The subtlety that I find is imminent with prog is only sparsely present here. What do I hear? A form of rather melodious, polished thrash. It sounds pretty smooth at first hearing. That has to do with the very very nice and clean sound of the album. The music is not suitable for average public, but stays neatly inside the common boundaries of thrash metal. It seems as if the members constrain themselves not to get to heavy. Bummer. Sadly, the singer is not the best I have ever heard. He does not seem to be able to choose which style suits him best. So, in the end, the vocals sound quite unbalanced.

It is not bad either, but (and I fully agree with my colleague) the music on this album is not able to keep me interested for long. Indeed, again mediocre, just like the previous two albums.

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