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Nachash - Phantasmal Trinunity

Nachash - Phantasmal Trinunity

Label : Shadow Kingdom Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Berto : Black Metal is generally bound by strict rules when it comes to the music and lyrics. Nowadays, all bands sound like Mayhem, Marduk or Dark Funeral or at least like a small variation on those bands. It seems to be forgotten by a lot of people that a band like Bathory gave the impetus to the whole black metal movement or at least had a huge influence on the development of the genre. Nachash is a Norwegian band that recognizes this and has his style based on the somewhat looser style of Bathory, although there is certainly no question of a copy. Black metal is perhaps more a way of life than a music movement.

Part of what you hear indeed sounds like the standard black metal, like the distorted vocals and dissonant guitar sound, but Nachash has also added some death metal to the whole and it is striking that it gives the music a wonderful flow. Everything flows smoothly into each other and ensures that you can not sit still from start to finish. The riffs are simple and full, but very effective. The influences of the NWOBHM are very clear here. They provide a nice groove and together with the almost swinging drums make this 'Phantasmal Trinunity' a very accessible extreme metal album. This sounds contradictory in a certain way, but extremities are not always defined by terms like “brutal” and “aggressive” or through other obvious matters. For whom do you have to be more careful: the guy that is screaming loudly and is running around being a dick or the guy who is observing everything in a corner with a weird smile on his face? That's a bit like the feeling you get from 'Phantasmal Trinunity'. It sounds like it is very accessible and almost friendly, but at the end of the ride you will be wearing corpse paint on your face with a match in your hand to burn down the nearest church. So beware with this album, it might be dangerous.

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