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Building Chaos - Bourbon Times

Building Chaos - Bourbon Times

Label : Someone Shaved My Ass Productions | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : When you just come back from a holiday in America and you get a CD with the title 'Bourbon Times' you are immediately alert. On the cover of the CD is a picture of some western scene, at a glance I see that one song is titled 'Texas Jack Reed'; all in all, reasons to think back of a wonderful holiday in the south of the United States. I just push this CD into the CD player and see if they can call up some extra memories. Holy shit, this is a solid shit! Building Chaos seems to be inspired by the blues and related music from the southern States, but above all they play swampy, heavy rock.

And what? These guys are not from the bayou's of Louisiana at all, but from Greece for god sake! Is that a surprise or what? Guitarist Obel plays nice, solid riffs that have also been put into in the mix very nice by? No idea who is responsible for it but it is done fine. The music is not complex, not original or anything, but it just sounds great. Swampy riffs, sometimes slow and a bit doomy, the other time a tad up tempo ('The Hunt') or just full throttle (opener 'Boiling Point'). And sometimes a surprisingly fine solo ('Ritual'). Singer Alex does not have a special voice, but he knows how to bend his voice in that form that fits the music of Building Chaos perfectly. And as a whole it certainly sounds as if it were recorded in America; the album breathes out the south. That is well done by the four rockers from Athens. Nice headbanging with songs like 'The King Is High' (great solo!), Delicious death and roll in 'Blink Of An Eye' or country blues in 'Heavy Chains'; yes, Building Chaos has released a fine album. Not to mention the great cover of Tupac Shakur / Dr Dré's 'California Love'. Honest and pure.

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