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Taste - Moral Decay

Taste - Moral Decay

Label : AOR Heaven | Archive under hardrock / aor

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Frankly, I completely forgot, but five years ago I did a review for the debut album from the Swedish band Taste 'Taste' . Apologies that I do not remember that; I simply hear too much music every week to remember everything. Taste is a Swedish band that consists of only two men, the Borg brothers (family of?). Christoffer is the lead singer and lead guitarist and his brother Felix takes care of the majority of the bass and drum parts. So there is not really a band, right? So it took the brothers no less than five years to record this new album, 'Moral Decay'. But when I read back my own review from that time, nothing has changed in five years.

The Borg Brothers still stand for true, 'slick' AOR of the kind that is actually only produced in Sweden (bands like Houston) and in the United States. Music that clearly reminds of bands like Strangeways, Touch, Giant and (especially) Drive She Said. Christoffer is a good singer, especially in terms of range, but he still sings with a pretty strong accent ('Dangerous', 'On My Shoulder'). I am more positive about his unparalleled guitar solos. His sound is crystal clear and his solos are ingenious and at times flashing fast. The solos are also wonderfully dominant in the mix and that's nice. In terms of song structures, the brothers have little to offer; they are quite obligatory chord schemes and melody lines. You also should not expect anything from these guys in terms of lyrics (although the men support Greenpeace with the uplifting track 'Rainbow Warrior'), but who cares. You can listen to all their songs nicely and because of the fantastic solos and sometimes fine harmony vocals it is all in all a (more than) nice album. Fans of genuine AOR can purchase this album blindly.

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