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Imber Luminis - Contrasts

Imber Luminis - Contrasts

Label : Naturmacht Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Roel de Haan : The Belgian outfit Imber Luminis returns with its fourth full-length of atmospheric black metal with doom influences. ‘Contrasts’ is the title of this newborn. Mainman Déha is or was active in myriad of other groups and on Imber Luminis it is his post black metal side that has the upper hand, while in Slow he explores funeral doom. ‘Contrasts’ is indeed an atmospheric black metal album with many post-influences. In this respect similarities to acts like Alcest, Lantlôs and most notably Heretoir are quite obvious. Imber Luminis may not use the same production values, but that isn’t a major issue. The three tracks (called ‘Le Voyage Part I, II and III) will induce a trancelike state and the use of lead-guitars is subtle and provide some elevating moments. Not the most original of works out there, but executed with confidence and maturity. Fans of Trna, Heretoir and Alcest should check this out.

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