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King Dude - Music To Make War To

King Dude - Music To Make War To

Label : Van Records | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Two years after the album 'Sex', King Dude returns with new works collectively titled 'Music To Make War To'. When I first read that title I thought that maybe this was going to be a more massive, heavier album than its predecessors - and I mean musically, because when you look at the content, this band's chansons are never very easily digestible and the darker reaches of the human mind are celebrated from various different angles, always substantiated by simple sounding notes that have the power to carefully set a mood that will deliver the message clearly, loudly and sometimes especially contemptuously.

'Music To Make War To' is no exception and on it we find ten varied songs in which the troubadour of dark songs explores the various meanings of the word "war", or "conflict", all of them to some degree drenched in the usual (anti) Christian sympathies. During this journey King Dude knows how to entice the listener and create a different atmosphere with each song, ranging from the almost nonchalant, hoarse and abrupt 'Dead On The Chorus' to the compelling, somewhat Creole sounding and utterly black 'Twin Brother Of Jesus'. From the synth-poppy, melancholy 'In The Garden' to the Cohenesque, darkly humorous 'Let It Burn'. Name one of your favorite obscure but well-known singers and chances are you will think of him while listening to 'Music To Make War To': the way TJ Cowgill uses his vocals is as versatile as the music this band plays. One moment there is up tempo heaviness, the next there is a cold reservedness, but it always manages to hit the right emotions.

The album is amply peppered with edgy phrases that are sung out with the very pleasant vocals of Cowgill and he professionally balances on the very fine edge between sharply rhetoric and a kind of unintentional ludicrousness. Unintentional because King Dude has a certain image to live up to and in those cases you have to be very careful that you do not take things too far and come out a fool. 'Music To Make War To' occasionally seeks out these boundaries but succeeds in remaining a serious and honorable endeavor. Once again an interesting and great record!

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