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Tales Of Autumn - In Madness We Trust

Tales Of Autumn - In Madness We Trust

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Leon : Tales Of Autumn is a band from Brighton, England that is heavily influenced by metal, hard rock, and slow whiney stuff, according to their own website. The band consists of four members, being Stefanos Karantonis on guitar and vocals, Tom Kiggins on guitar, Jordan Dann on drums and Nick Horton on bass guitar. There is little to be found about the group, except that they have been making music since 2014 and that the album 'In Madness We Trust' is the debut for the band.

To be honest, I was surprised that this is the debut album of a young band, it sounds like an album that was made by a group of old rockers who have been playing together for years. That is both a compliment and a point of criticism at the same time. Let's start positively, musically it is a strong album with a good sound, good instrumentation, and often nice rock / metal songs. With regards to the drums, guitars and bass guitars there is not much to criticize, instrumentally it’s quite a strong album! A small bit of criticism is on the vocals of Karantonis, who sings with a lot of forced vibrato (which makes me think of Fabio Lione) and often opts for a, respectfully, whiney vocal melody. This is probably due to the influences of the 'slow whiney stuff' they were talking about, but I don’t like it one bit. Other than that, Karantonis really has a good voice but for me it would’ve better if it would’ve been less dramatic. A final point of criticism is that, although the music is not bad at all, it’s not exactly innovative. That’s not necessarily a problem, of course, but I don’t think the band’s music is good enough to listen to Tales Of Autumn instead of another hard rock or heavy metal band.

When I say that the band sounds like a group of old rockers who have been playing together for years, I mean that it sounds like they are stuck in what they have been doing for years. Tales Of Autumn is not a band made up of old rockers and the gentlemen can, if desired, still innovate. Having said that, the band has delivered a nice debut album where they have shown that they have the potential to do more. Some less dramatic vocals had done a lot for me but there is more to work on if they want to take some steps. Perhaps 'In Madness We Trust' does it better with the fans of classical hard rock and / or heavy metal acts, as it’s certainly not a bad record.

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