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Wild - Sin Piedad

Wild - Sin Piedad

Label : Fighter Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : This Spanish band has been active for almost fifteen years, but still aren’t as known as they deserve to be. The fact is that they haven’t been that active; apart from numerous demos and EPs they have only released two full-length albums throughout their career. However, both ‘La Nueva Orden’ (2011) and ‘En Tierra Hostil’ (2014) are solid records full of tasty, traditional heavy metal and the band deserves more recognition than they have gained so far.

Four years after the last album the Spaniards finally strike again. And quite powerful, to be honest. With the opening title track the album bursts out like a heavy metal grenade and immediately grabs you by the throat. The musical direction is still traditional heavy metal and with its delightful up-tempo rhythm and the typical NWOBHM guitars the song is an instant hit and puts the neck muscles to work right away. It is striking, however, that the gentlemen have opted for a more modern sound. That may have reduced the old-fashioned charm of Wild, but in general this has only benefited the whole. Fortunately the album doesn’t collapse after the strong opening and the level is kept high to the end. Another striking point is that the music more often goes in the direction of (present-day) power metal which makes the whole (and especially for Wild-standards) sound a bit progressive, but in general 'Sin Piedad' has a sturdier approach (with a guitar sound that is reminiscent of that of Paragon in recent years) and traditional heavy metal has ever the leading role here. And that is a good thing too, because the strength of this band is clearly in the faster and sturdier pounders like 'Todo o Nada', 'Accoralado', 'Pesadilla', the magnificent 'Venganza' and of course the aforementioned title track. Don’t get me wrong; these are but some personal highlights/favorites and the rest of the songs are certainly not inferior. And besides, those “progressive” escapades have only been to the benefit of the variety.

Another important change is the departure with vocalist Javier Endara, who certainly left his mark on the first albums. However, with José García (Mercurio), Wild has acquired a dignified and an even stronger vocalist. García has a higher voice a wider range than his predecessor, which fits perfectly with the band. He sings with a lot of power and variation and regularly provides vocal highlights. That, coupled with catchy riffs and guitar melodies and an incredibly strong rhythm section where especially the drums are much more exciting than what we are used to from Wild, and the clear, contemporary sound that makes the whole pop even harder, make 'Sin Piedad' the strongest and most versatile, but also the most technical Wild release so far. Thanks to the combination of the traditional and the modern, this album will also reach a wider audience. Definitely a recommend to the fans of the genre and hopefully the band will finally get the recognition it deserves.

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