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Black Mirrors - Look Into The Black Mirror

Black Mirrors - Look Into The Black Mirror

Label : Napalm Records | Archive under stoner

Release type: Full-length CD

Bart M. : Another cool band from Belgium. This time it is Black Mirrors who after releasing their EP 'Funky Queen' in 2017 now treat us to their full length debut album: 'Look Into The Black Mirror'. Creative names? Absolutely not, but they are names that leave a lot of things up to the imagination, and that is what counts. The cover art is very awesome as well and would have been reason enough for me to buy the album without first listening to it.

Whoever does so, or anyone who decides to listen to 'Look Into The Black Mirror' anyhow: you will be well rewarded. Black Mirrors sounds like a hungry band full of energy, not afraid to violently demand your attention and then hold it quite easily. They do so with heavy guitar parts, catchy rhythms and a heck of a voice. In the documents that accompanied this album there was a lot to do about this voice and although it deserves it, it is not necessary to put the focus on it because the music is solid as a rock. Regarding the vocals: like many voices in the world of music (not counting those of pop music) this one is unique. Powerful and convincing, it comes across very natural but slightly inexperienced and is sometimes reminiscent of Regina Spektor and Harriet Hyde (Black Moth). Thanks to a good, solid rhythm section and riffs that are churned out seemingly effortlessly, everything is well balanced.

Occasionally it sounds like the musicians are coming from a different background than singer Marcella Di Troia, but instead of that leading to uncomfortable structures it sort of fits together and connects all the pieces. The band knows how to touch the listener with both fast paced songs as well as the occasional ballad. All in all I think that when you say heavy bluesrock sprinkled copiously with stoner metal you are describing this music very well, and it is not very difficult to make a good, catchy album with those ingredients. In a time where a lot of bands sound quite the same, Black Mirrors manages to create their own sound.

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